• Alarm systems

  • Installing a security alarm system comes with a variety of benefits, the most obvious reason is protecting you, your home/business and what is within your premises. But it also deters crime, if there is a big risk that a burglar will get caught, chances are they won’t make the effort at all. Having alarm systems mean that you can have remote access to your home straight from your phone can receive alerts if there is any kind of suspicious activity taking place.

    You can choose from basic to more sophisticated home alarm systems

    There are many different types of alarm systems, each with their own level of security. From basic bell-only alarms to 24/7 alarms with annual inspection and maintenance contracts. You may choose a monitoring contract where you or a chosen key holder is contacted if the alarm is set off. You also have the option of a police response alarm which is linked to your local police station. If you’re not sure what you need, and would like to explore what options you have, we are happy to help.

    Commercial security alarm systems - Alarm Installation Barnet

    As well as keeping your commercial premises and everything within it safe and sound, a good business security alarm system can reduce your commercial insurance costs. We can give you the support and security products you need including electronic and physical security solutions. You can be rest assured we are aware of the security measures required by government agencies.

    Questions? We’ll be happy to answer them

    If you are considering getting an alarm system in place and are not really sure which is best for you, we can help advise and provide you with a free quote – contact us.

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